This company complies with the I.P.W. Code of Practice

“Taking Control of your Affairs”

Writing your Will (Last Will and Testament) is probably one of the most important things you will ever do!  If you want to safeguard your family and make sure they inherit as much as possible of your hard earned belongings you need to plan today.   Planning now whilst you and your partner are healthy allows you to make use of trusts to take maximum advantage of inheritance tax allowances or help protect a substantial part of the home against care costs.  Unfortunately too many widows and widowers contact us wanting to do just that but we unable to help them through making a Will.
We offer you a free consultation in the comfort of your own home, taking time to explain your options in simple English.  Our pricing structure is fixed and you get a copy so there are no hidden nasty surprises before taking instructions. 

Having drafted your Will we then come back and supervise the attestation to ensure that your Will is properly executed.  Oh and you don’t pay a penny until all the work is complete.

The other issue to consider is who will act for me if I lose capacity. (See section on Powers of Attorney). You may reduce the cost by having this done at the same time.

Recent events include the government’s decision not to make Willwriting a reserved activity.  This means anyone can write your Will whether they have trained to become a Willwriter or not.
To try to set an excellent standard of customer service the IPW has achieved Trading Standards approval for its Code of Practice.  (Look for the new logo).  This means you will still be guaranteed excellent customer service and your rights protected.   Staffordshire Wills complies with this code.  

What does this mean to the customer?

  • Properly trained Willwriters
  • Full insurance cover
  • Prices agreed before taking instructions
  • A 7 day cooling off period and complaints procedure
  • Supervised attestation
  • You don’t pay till the work is done

Our services include

  • Basic Wills
  • Children’s Trusts
  • Inheritance Tax Wills
  • Property Protection Wills
  • Disabled Trusts
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Deeds of Severance
  • Advanced Directive
  • Funeral Plans
  • Life Time Discretionary Trusts

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We hope you find the site of one of Staffordshire’s Premier Will Writers both useful, informative and hopefully it spurs you on to take the right actions for the ones you love. 

Having gained Peace of Mind of knowing if the worst should happen you have everything covered for your loved ones you can get on with enjoying time with your friends and family.


Every attempt is made to keep this site up to date with current legislation and generalisations may be made which will not suit everyone’s individual circumstances.   You should seek individual advice from a Willwriter or solicitor, having a full consultation before undertaking a Will or other legal procedures.   It is also recommended that the attestation should be properly supervised by the company, as incorrectly signed documents can lead to wills being rejected at probate.  Last updated July 2013