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Dementia and Alzheimer's

The statistics show that there are currently there are over 820,000 people in the UK suffer with dementia. Dementia does not just affect the elderly there are over 15,000 people below 65 years old who have dementia.

However the older you get the higher the risk. With the aging population it is estimated that by 2025 there will be over one million sufferers. For those who are affected by dementia and Alzheimer's there are self-help groups that can help you and help share experiences.

Typically the advice to families is, "Get your Lasting Powers of Attorney in place". However the legal position needs to be looked at in far greater detail. BEFORE THE PERSON LOSES MEMTAL CAPACITY THEY NEED TO CHECK THEIR WILLS ARE IN ORDER THEY MAY NOT GET A SECOND CHANCE.

Unfortunately many dementia sufferers end up in residential care. Look at this real life case study.

Case Study

In October 2012 I had an enquiry to do a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for a couple in their 70's. The wife had early stages of dementia but had capacity to make a LPA. At the time we did the LPA's I asked to see the Wills to make sure they were properly signed. (I have in the past seen unsigned Wills). The Wills were typical mirror Wills leaving everything to each other and then equally between the children on second death. I suggested that it would be better to put a life interest trust in the Will such that if one of them died at half the house would go into trust and not means testable if the surviving spouse went into care.

I also advised that they should both get funeral prepaid Funeral Plans. Fortunately, they took this advice. Some months later the husband fell ill. His wife went into care. As the husband still lived there the house was disregarded and the care bill was met by the state. Later this year the husband died leaving his half of the house in trust and out of the way of being means tested. Mum's money has now been used on her care (down to the £14,250 and she is supported by the Local Authority. As she has prepaid her funeral when she dies the £14,250 will go to the children and they will not have to pay the £3.500 (approx) for her funeral. The family has saved around £100,000.

My Advice

Get Lasting Power of Attorney in place for both Property and Financial Affairs and Personal Welfare for both parents and life interest trusts in the Wills. It is not cheap, Staffordshire Wills charges around £1300 for the whole package plus LPA registration fees (£110 per LPA payable to the Office of The Public Guardian). Funeral plans are at current rates. Safe Hands provide a cost effective funeral plan that offers the same package as others about £200 cheaper. If you book a SAFE HANDS FUNERAL PLAN through the internet and you put that you heard about the plans through Staffordshire Wills you will receive a free bottle of quality champagne.