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Lifetime Discretionary Trusts

Staffordshire Wills have now teamed up with a leading UK solicitors practice to provide Lifetime Discretionary Trusts.

Lifetime discretionary trusts are an excellent way to protect your assets.

The savings they can make for you are as follows

  • They can save on probate costs and the six month wait where no access to funds is available.
  • They can avoid sideways disinheritance your assets can go to exactly who you want them to go to and as the trust can continue after your death you can protect your assets for your children.
  • Protect all property and cash against care costs providing the trust is set up soon enough.
We only allow assets of up to one nil rate band to ensure there are no ongoing trust charges.

These trusts are not cheap but provide excellent peace of mind. Usually within the cost we will provide Property Protection Trust Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives.

If you are worried about where your assets might end up contact David Nixon on 01785 253329.