This company complies with the I.P.W. Code of Practice


Networking is a great way of building your business and also a source of reliable professional businesses. Staffordshire Wills attends the following Business Networking Groups.

Staffordshire Independent Networking Group.

Meets every Wednesday morning at Stone Golf Club. Many long-term members and as it has no membership fees it is an excellent way for new businesses to find new work cost effectively.  The more established members don’t mind giving business advice and doing a bit of hand holding!

Tollgate Business Club.

Meets Thursday morning at the Tollgate Hotel and Liesure Club in Blurton Stoke on Trent. Business advisors, business planning, profit management, personal development using personality type. Down to earth professional help.

Izaac Walton BNI Stafford.  

Meets Friday morning at the Moathouse Hotel  Acton Trussell. A group of trusted businesses mainly working in South Staffordshire varying from electricians, plumbers, printers to solicitors, charities, web designers and cleaners.