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Seminars, Workshops, and Group Talks

There is a lot of ignorance about issues such as inheritance tax, how to protecting their homes from care costs and how assets can be available to disabled children without being used for care costs or affecting benefits.

Companies who really care about their staff should welcome the opportunity to raise the awareness of their staff on very real issues that can be so important to their employees and their families. A one-hour lunchtime seminar can help enlighten employees helping them make informed decisions on key issues.

How would you like a speaker FREE to address your workforce or local group, Ladies group, self help group or just a group of friends? (Free within 20 mile radius of Stafford you just pay travelling expenses)

"Taking Control, Achieving Peace of Mind" is a 45-minute interactive session on very real issues that face us all. Followed by a 15-minute question and answer session you should get the answer to your issues.

Who will inherit my estate if I die without making a Will?
What is the difference between joint tenants and tenants in common?
How does means testing for care work?
Can they force me to sell my house?
Can I protect a substantial part of my home against care costs?
Should I gift my house to my children?
What happens to my business if I die?
What are lasting Powers of Attorney?
Will my Enduring Powers of Attorney still be valid after October 1st 2007?
What can I do to avoid paying inheritance tax?
Can I leave all my money to "Tiddles" the cat or to a charity?

Get your questions answered.

Some of the Groups addressed last Year
Various W I Groups
Berkswich Methodist Church Ladies Group
Berkswich Monday Club
Abbots Bromley
British Heart Foundation Newcastle
Age Concern Stafford, Gnosall, Gt Haywood and Eccleshall
Arthritis Care Stafford and Wolverhampton
Standon Bowers church group
BRE Networking Group
SING Networking Group

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